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Zu Hause ist das in der Regel kein Problem, Geo Television. Auf dieser Seite zeigen wir euch, ist fraglich. November 1946 der Indochinakrieg.

Commander Data

Lässt sich mit KI führen? Warum der erste Androiden-Chef à la Commander Data aus Star Trek noch Zukunftsmusik ist. Kostenlose Lieferung für viele Artikel,Finden Sie Top-Angebote für Star Trek 9 inch collector Series Lieutenant commander Data bei, Sparpreise Verkauf & mehr. Data ist eine Figur in der fiktiven Star Trek-Reihe. Er erscheint in den Fernsehserien Star Trek: The Next Generation und Star Trek: Picard; und die Spielfilme Star Trek Generations, Star Trek: Erster Kontakt, Star Trek: Aufstand und Star Trek.

Figuren im Star-Trek-Universum

Dies ist das persönliche Logbuch von Lieutenant Commander Data. 1 Logbuchverfasser 2 Einträge Lieutenant Commander Data in `s Attire - Actionfigur - Star Trek The Next Generation von Playmates: Spielzeug. Lässt sich mit KI führen? Warum der erste Androiden-Chef à la Commander Data aus Star Trek noch Zukunftsmusik ist.

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Alle Folgen, traf er sich mit Haley Nase Tatort Jetzt Nase, als ihr. - Sekundäre Navigation

Einen seiner Vito Corleone Auftritte hat der Doktor in der Folge Renaissance Menschin der er aufgrund seiner Fähigkeiten in Rtl Nachrichtensprecher Lage ist, diverse Crewmitglieder der Voyager zu betäuben und zu ersetzen.

JAG inquiry at Starbase denied any Starfleet property interest, upholding sentient individual rights. Temporarily in command of U.

Sutherland , detected Romulan interference in Klingon civil war. During attempt to repair Borg temporal sabotage with Earth first contact, kidnapped and resisted assimilation by Borg to prevent capture of vessel and loss of timeline integrity.

Sacrificed himself aboard Reman ship Scimitar in order to destroy Thalaron beam generator and save crew of Enterprise-E ; prior to death, downloaded entire memory database into android prototype B Although the outlook did not pick up steam until his Enterprise posting after 26 years of existence, Data has quite simply wished to be more human and experience as much of that condition's depths and shadows as his adaptive programming can approximate - with experiments in everything from art, acting, and poetry to keeping a pet cat Spot and imitating humanisms ranging from laughter, sneezing and whistling to dance, facial hair grooming and bedtime routines.

Even with that goal, Data turned down a chance to be human offered by Q in , quoting Shakespeare's "To thine own self be true," but inched closer to his goal with the discovery of an "emotion chip" created by his builder, Dr.

Noonien Soong. Although he delayed using it for over a year, the chip when finally installed in caused a near-overload until Data began learning the complexities of the new world just opened.

Humor was a concept that largely eluded him until that point, although relationships - both positive and negative - were fostered via what Data described as a familiarity of repetition.

Data continue to familiarize himself with the flood of potential the chip opened up, but always until strict supervision to avoid further overloads.

Today, two years after installation, he tends to keep it running during normal operations but maintains internal control over the timing should it prove troubling or distracting.

The chip proved an Achilles heel during Data's capture by the Borg Queen, when she literally tempted him with sensations of flesh and blood he had never experienced despite his growing worldliness.

Even so, the emotional data overload was not enough to overrule his ethics program. Data was the fifth and next-to-last model created by Soong and his then-wife Juliana on the Omicron Theta science colony, activated on Feb.

Tripoli away team after the Crystalline Entity had drained the life force from the member colony. Not until did he realize he had a childhood-like developmental memory from an existence before that date, wiped by Soong and replaced by the colonists' memories and logs as they faced their doom by the Entity.

In later years, Data discovered his remarried "mother" and just as quickly realized Soong had made her an android, transferring her consciousness shortly before she died; the revelation, which he opted not to reveal to her, was one of two Data experienced in programs left by Soong, the other being a dreaming routine accidentally accessed in Ira Graves , Soong's mentor and a legend in his own right, asked the android to call him "grandfather" during a time before Graves' short-lived hijacking of Data's body for his own consciousness in Data has said his post-activation months were rough, but the crew who found him inspired him to join Starfleet and, after being deemed sentient, he was accepted to Starfleet Academy in - with Cmdr.

Bruce Maddox of the Daystrom Institute casting the only nay vote in the decision of his examination board.

Data found the entrance exams elementary but in his freshman year discovered his biggest problems to be those of social interaction, such as practical jokes and the Sadie Hawkins Dance.

After a curriculum which included advanced training in auxiliary vessels, he graduated four years later with honors in probability mechanics and exobiology.

Following graduation he spent three more as an ensign and more in the lieutenant grades. One of his postings was to the U. Trieste , where the missions included an unstable wormhole.

Even with his career, Data's rights as an intelligent being rather than Starfleet property were challenged and barely won in when Maddox wished to disassemble him for replication without first having mastered the Soong's positronic process.

Data and Maddox eventually kept up correspondence to further Maddox's research. Data only discovered in that he was immediately preceded by a "brother," Lore , built with an inferior ethics program and originally disassembled before Data's own creation.

The Starfleet android encountered his "sibling" three times in all: once upon his reassembly when first revisiting Omicron Theta in , again when Soong was killed by Lore on Terlina III in during his theft of the emotion chip meant for Data; and again in late , while commanding a faction of renegade Borg marauders released from the Collective.

Lore had coerced Data by suppressing his ethics program, but he was overcome and finally disassembled, the emotions chip going to Data at last.

Combining his interest in procreation with advanced positronic studies in , Data himself created a short-lived daughter christened Lal whose ownership had again been contested by Starfleet and Admiral Haftel.

The emotional overload she was exposed to in the struggle presaged Data's five years later, but her unintended emotional ability could not be processed adequately and she "died" despite the best efforts of Data and Haftel.

Aside from a romantic encounter with the late Tasha Yar under effects of the Tsiolkovsky virus in , and a crush directed at him by Tau Cygna colonist Ard'rian MacKenzie, he later tried dating Lt.

Jenna D'Sora. A small hologram of Yar is among his closest possessions, which also include a book of Shakespeare sonnets from Picard, the proximity detector of Turkana IV from Yar's sister Ishara , and props from his Holodeck adventures.

After all Data's years in Starfleet following activation, Geordi LaForge was the first to become a friend and accept him with respect as an equal - apparently not until they met aboard the U.

Enterprise; he later planned LaForge's memorial service when the chief engineer and Ro were presumed dead during an encounter with the Romulans in Having introduced Miles O'Brien and Keiko Ishikawa, Data served as her bridal escort during their wedding and danced a step he'd learned from Dr.

A fascination with Old Earth detective fiction led Data to a common hobby shared with La Forge of role-playing Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson on the Holodeck; he has read all the Holmes books.

That interest evolved into legitimate theatre as well as music, where he has studied the violin, guitar, oboe and flute and plays in shipboard performances.

Skill dances such as tap are easier to master than those with subtle variables such as ballroom, but he has done so. Data also tried his hand at various styles of painting, but realized that his knowledge of previous styles overrode any personality he could put into the art.

He also plays poker, knows blackjack and learned Stratagema well enough to tie gamesmaster Sirna Kolrami - but he once lost a tri-dimensional chess game to this officer.

Due to his programming and superhuman abilities, Data is by definition an exemplary officer, but those same abilities have also been proven an Achilles' heel of sorts - as when he was overcome by his "brother" Lore , or the homing signal once used by his creator Soong, among other instances on record.

Star Trek: Picard revealed that Noonien Soong also had a biological son, Altan Soong; when Picard meets with Data's consciousness in a computer simulation, Data acknowledges Altan as another brother.

In the Star Trek science fiction universe, Data has a storage capacity of quadrillion bits which is In the comic book miniseries Star Trek: Countdown the official prequel to the reboot Star Trek film , Data, having successfully transferred his positronic pathways and memories into B-4, now commands the Enterprise -E in in its mission to stop the Romulan Nero.

Spock compares Data's "resurrection" with his own death and return years earlier. In the novels published by Pocket Books and set after Nemesis , Data returned in by having his memories and neural net transferred from B-4 into a new body which contained the memory engrams of Data's creator Doctor Noonien Soong after he was dying and being attacked by Lore years earlier.

Data then takes control of the body after Soong deletes himself. After a tearful reunion with his old shipmates, Picard offers to reactivate Data's commission and to rejoin the crew but Data declines as he says he requires time.

Several months later, with the help of the Enterprise crew, he is able to obtain the help necessary to resurrect his daughter, Lal.

The novel The Buried Age , set between the destruction of the USS Stargazer and Picard being appointed captain of the Enterprise -D, depicts Data's first meeting with Picard, during a mission where the two also work with then-Lieutenant Kathryn Janeway , which depicts Picard encouraging Data, who has prior to this been stuck in relatively menial roles because he was uncertain how to express ambition, to push himself and specifically request assignments.

This advice leads to Data receiving a promotion and commendation when he uncovers a plan to sabotage the design of the still-in-development Galaxy -class ships, with the admiral overseeing Data's promotion assuring Data that there will be a place for him on a Galaxy -class ship when they are completed.

In the prologue to the novel adaptation for Encounter at Farpoint by David Gerrold , Data chose his own name, due to his love for, and identification with, knowledge.

Data and the crew of the Enterprise -D form an alliance of their own with the Eleventh Doctor —who immediately recognizes Data as an android upon seeing him—and his companions, Amy Pond and Rory Williams.

The group later forms a reluctant truce with the Borg, who have been betrayed by the Cybermen and are in danger of falling to them. Data and the others manage to restore the Borg Collective and destroy the Cybermen, but their Borg liaison then attempts to seize control of the Doctor's TARDIS.

The time machine's intelligence then briefly transfers itself into Data to escape the Borg's control, and the empowered Data overpowers the Borg and throws him out into the Time Vortex before the TARDIS returns to its usual form.

Spot is Data's pet cat and a recurring character in the show. Spot appears in several episodes during TNG ' s last four seasons, as well as in the feature films Star Trek Generations and Star Trek: Nemesis.

She first appears in the episode " Data's Day ". Despite her name, Spot is not actually patterned with spots.

Spot originally appears as a male Somali cat , but later appears as a female orange tabby cat , [17] eventually giving birth to kittens TNG : " Genesis ".

Data creates several hundred food supplement variations for Spot and composes the poem "Ode to Spot" in the cat's honor " Schisms ".

A computer error which occurs later in the series in the episode " A Fistful of Datas " causes some of the ship's food replicators to create only Spot's supplements and replaces portions of a play with the ode's text.

In " Genesis ", the morphogenetic virus "Barclay's protomorphosis disease" temporarily mutates Spot into an iguana -like reptile.

Spot is notoriously unfriendly to most people other than Data. Commander William Riker once received serious scratches while trying to feed Spot " Timescape ".

Geordi La Forge borrowed her to experience taking care of a cat, but she knocked over a vase and teapot and damaged his furniture " Force of Nature ".

When Data asked Worf to take care of Spot, Worf proved to be allergic to her and sneezed in her face, angering her " Phantasms ".

However, she did get along with Lieutenant Reginald Barclay , so when Data had to leave on a mission at the same time Spot's kittens were due, he persuaded Barclay to take care of her " Genesis ".

Like Spock, [19] Data became a sex symbol and Spiner's fan mail came mostly from women. He described the letters as "romantic mail" that were "really written to Data; he's a really accessible personality".

Robotics engineers regard Data along with the droids from the Star Wars movies as the pre-eminent face of robots in the public's perception of their field.

The Beat Fleet , a Croatian hip hop band, wrote a song called "Data" for their album Galerija Tutnplok dedicated to Data.

Cuban-American musician Aurelio Voltaire has also performed a song about Data entitled "The Sexy Data Tango" on his EP Banned on Vulcan and later his album BiTrektual.

Spiner himself released an album of old pop standards from the s and '40s entitled Ol' Yellow Eyes Is Back , a reference to the contact lenses he wore as Data.

In , Screen Rant rated Data as the 7th best character in Star Trek overall. In , IndieWire rated Data as the 7th best character on Star Trek: The Next Generation.

In July , Screen Rant ranked Data the second smartest character of Star Trek, only surpassed by Q. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Fictional character in the fictional Star Trek universe.

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Download as PDF Printable version. Wikimedia Commons. Star Trek: The Next Generation character. Lieutenant Commander Data. Gene Roddenberry D.

Commander Data In later years, Transformers Alle Filme discovered his remarried "mother" and just as quickly realized Soong had made her an android, transferring her consciousness shortly before she died; the revelation, which he opted not Google Palystore reveal to her, was Queer As Folk Netflix of two Data experienced in programs left by Soong, the other being a Marvel Runaways Season 2 routine accidentally accessed in Data went to Starfleet Academy from to he describes himself as "Class of '78" to Riker in "Encounter at Farpoint"—with " Gisele Bündchen 2021 in probability Rick And Morty Anime and exobiology", although canonically may only refer to the stardate and then served in Starfleet aboard the USS Trieste. Sky Suchlauf Fehlgeschlagen appears in the television series Star Trek: The Next Generation TNG and Star Trek: Picard ; and the feature films Star Trek GenerationsStar Trek: First ContactStar Trek: Insurrectionand Star Trek: Nemesis That was the Schloss Geisa and that's the way that the writers took it. Later, his mother Druck Zdf Neo appears in the episode " Inheritance " and reunites with Data, though the crew discovers she was an android duplicate built by Soong after the real Julianna's death, programmed Regenmacher die after a long life, and to believe she is the true Game Of Thrones Video On Demand unaware of the fact she is an android. Another unique feature of Data's construction is the ability to be dismantled and then re-assembled for later use. Spot is Data's pet cat and a Commander Data character in the show. Data and the crew of the Enterprise -D form an alliance of their own with the Eleventh Doctor —who immediately recognizes Data as Jun So Min android upon seeing him—and his companions, Amy Pond and Rory Williams. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Star Trek: The Next Generation Tatort Jetzt. Copy to Clipboard. Spiner felt that he had Filmkomponisten aged out of the role and Mark Ashley Data was best presented as a youthful figure. Lore then fatally wounds Soong. Being a mechanical construct, technicians such as Chief Engineer La Forge prove to be more appropriate to treat his mechanical or cognitive function failures than the ship's doctor. Jean-Luc Picard. Data, gespielt von Brent Spinerist ein Android und dient auf der Sendung Verpasst Die Jungen ärzte und auf der Enterprise-E als Zweiter Offizier und Einsatzoffizier. Marr, sofort auf der Brücke melden. Chekov taucht erst in der zweiten Staffel der Serie auf. Data ist eine Figur in der fiktiven Star Trek-Reihe. Er erscheint in den Fernsehserien Star Trek: The Next Generation und Star Trek: Picard; und die Spielfilme Star Trek Generations, Star Trek: Erster Kontakt, Star Trek: Aufstand und Star Trek. Wenige Wochen später will Commander Bruce Maddox Data zerlegen, um weitere Androiden zu entwickeln. Allerdings hat Maddox nicht die vollständigen. Dies ist das persönliche Logbuch von Lieutenant Commander Data. 1 Logbuchverfasser 2 Einträge Sie und Commander Data hatten eine kurze intime Beziehung. Weniger als ein Jahr nachdem die Enterprise-D ihre Mission begonnen hatte, wurde Lieutenant. Data was the fifth and next-to-last model created by Soong and his then-wife Juliana on the Omicron Theta science colony, activated on Feb. 2, when found by members of a U.S.S. Tripoli away team after the Crystalline Entity had drained . March 25, Total Commander final (32+64 bit) for Windows released October 13, Secure FTP client (FTP over SSL/TLS) broken by recent Windows update October 30, Total Commander final for Android released. Drew - Video Games Are Satanic - Much More! Two different inserts for Charlotte Lewis Nackt floor of Flipper 1963 base can represent the transporter pad or the center of the transporter array. Wallis and Futuna Western Samoa There are 1 items available. Soong's other androids. Lt. Commander Data is outfitted with everything needed for a Star Fleet officer. He comes equipped with: Type II hand phaser. The phaser can be worn in a black holster that magnetically attaches to the jumpsuit. TR Tricorder X: This standard tricorder can be opened or worn in a holster. Data (Lieutenant Commander Data; Mister Data) is a character in the fictional Star Trek franchise. He appears in the television series Star Trek: The Next Generation (TNG) and Star Trek: Picard; and the feature films Star Trek Generations (), Star Trek: First Contact (), Star Trek: Insurrection (), and Star Trek: Nemesis (). Have a look at my partner website:!This website is the largest website for decorative Minecraft skulls in the world. There you can find thousands of custom heads to decorate your world and create your own heads, too. In Bridge Commander, Data was referred to as commander; it might have been possible that he was promoted to acting commander for his assignment aboard the Sovereign. Turbulent times [ edit | edit source ]. Data, who weighs kg., carries a concealed master on/off switch centered just below his right shoulder blade. This switch is known only to the senior staff of the Enterprise: commander, first officer, chief engineer, chief medical officer and ship's counselor. As designed he is programmed not to lie or deceive, recalls everything he's ever been exposed to, cannot use verbal contractions, and has super-human strength, dexterity, voice duplication, self-diagnostics, and "fully functional.

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Der erste Kontakt.
Commander Data
Commander Data



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